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EBCI Office Building & Warehouse

The Erickson Builders & Company (EBCI) office building and warehouse is located on four acres in the northwest metro area of the Twin Cities, in Saint Michael, Minnesota. The facility and parking lot consist of 4,000 square feet of wood structure office space, an adjoining 12,000 square-foot pre-engineered steel warehouse building, 16,158 square feet of…

USACE Duluth Area Office & Maritime Museum

Duluth HVAC Replacement, USACE Duluth Area Office & Maritime Museum, Duluth, MN. Erickson Builders performed the following work for the USACE: Lead paint and Asbestos abatement to incorporate the replacement of a HVAC boiler system at the USACE Duluth Area Office (DAO) and Lake Superior Maritime Visitors Center (LSMVC) with a HVAC system. This process…

Sand Creek Bridge Replacement

Sand Creek Bridge Replacement, U S Fish & Wildlife Service. EBCI installed a new pre-engineered bridge, approximately 90 feet in length at the Louisville Swamp Unit of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, located in Shakopee, MN. This work includes demolition of an existing bridge, excavation, concrete abutments, a steel and timber pre-engineered bridge, gravel…