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Spectrum High School Design Build Project. The school built their current main campus three years ago a block down the street from a building that was designed to be ‘business condos’ for small businesses. create classrooms for approximately 125 sixth grade students, a reception area with administrative offices and a conference room at the front of the school building, a ‘warming kitchen’, storage, janitorial closets, a music room with sound proofing wall design, a common’s area for lunches and other organized activities, a staff lounge, restrooms, a maintenance area, a gymnasium, locker rooms, and a weight room for athletic strengthening and conditioning. The roof line slopes above these spaces to over 22’ clear, allowing for ample installation of shelving or other equipment at the rear and the use of the office and mezzanine space at the front.
This building had over half of the space vacant after 8 years in existence and this particular space had never been built out. Spectrum purchased ten condo sections of this building in which to use for the Sixth Grade Education Center and Gym as added space for this high school campus just down the block.
Approximately 23,874 square feet.