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JERRY AND RYAN ERICKSON FORMED ERICKSON BUILDERS & CO., INC. as a full-service residential and commercial contractor.  In 2008, Ryan - a United States Marine Veteran - took majority ownership of the company and redirected the focus from residential to State and Federal work. In 2020, Erickson Builders & Co., Inc. was rebranded as Erickson Infrastructure.

Erickson Infrastructure is committed to integrity, excellence, safety, and teamwork - to preserve the past and improve the future and our communities.

"WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON WORKING WITH EACH CLIENT, listening to what they need and want in a project outcome, and communicating the costs, timing and benefits openly and honestly. Erickson Infrastructure is committed to offering quality products and service build upon relationships and integrity. Client satisfaction is our top priority. We are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Every employee at Erickson Infrastructure agrees that far and away, the best prize in life is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."

Ryan E. Erickson, Sr. | President

Zero Compromise Toward Safety

At Erickson Infrastructure safety is critical; it's something we practice on a daily basis. Our safety mission stands - Zero Compromise Toward Safety. Our mission is exemplified throughout our work. Our operations are guided by effective safety programs, including pre-project and daily pre-task planning and identifying potential hazards on the job site. We are also committed to ongoing supervisor and employee training, and require all new employees to attend a strict safety orientation. Being committed to our written safety incentive program, alcohol and substance abuse program, and taking prompt action with thorough accident/incident investigation, exemplifies that safety isn't just a slogan. At Erickson Infrastructure, it's our business.

Recommendations & Awards